50 minutes duration

Online individual classes: Skype and Google Docs

Classes face to face in Dublin



This course is ideal for you because the objective is for the student to learn to communicate in simple Spanish using different real situations and can help expand their knowledge.


In this course the goal is to work on the specific vocabulary you might need in a business environment, to learn to cope with certain situations (meetings, interviews, write emails, call and answer the phone, formal presentations, hotel reservations, restaurants ...) You will be able to communicate effectively in Spanish in different professional contexts and expand your learning.

Retired people

With this course you will learn the necessary skills to be able to express yourself and handle different situations of travelling or living in Spain, such as being able to go shopping, book hotels, buy / rent a house, buy a ticket of any means of transport, know how to read an urban map , eat in a restaurant ... and continue to expand your learning.


Beginning the class

Greetings, a few minutes of conversation on current issues, general topics and confusión about homework

During  the class

Conversation style discussion of core topics using teacher-student interaction and sharing of notes from the class.

End of the class

Inform the student the contents of the next class.

Daily homework

Daily task to do after the class and strengthen the given contents, usually with the completion of written exercises, reading texts and viewing videos.

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