Hi there! The girl in the picture is me, Leti de Mata Martínez, I have been a Spanish teacher for more than two years, I have the master's degree in teaching spanish as a modern foreign language in the international university of la Rioja (Spain).

I am also a Child Educator, First Class Teacher and Free Time Instructor, as you can see, all my training and experience has been developed in the education sector .

I love teaching because teaching for me is not just a way to transmit knowledge it is also a way for myself to learn through all the experience and people i have being teaching to.

I was born in León, a city located in the North of Spain. I moved to dublin (Ireland) years after and I have been living there for four years. It was such a great experience to live in dublin as there is a lot of diversity of cultures that live there.

That experience made me think and reflect to teach my mother tongue, after being trained to do it. I am currently a professional trained teacher who is now living from teaching spanish.

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"I decided to teach Spanish based on my own experience as when i arrived to dublin i have no english and it was very frustrating for me not being able to communicate. My personal experience made me understand how people feel when learning a language and that made me think of teaching them when they are in a country where locals speak a different language and you are not able to communicate effectively.
I have created SpanishWithLeti with all my enthusiasm and effort to be able to help those people who want to learn Spanish with the same enthusiasm that I teach them or who have some problem that does not allow them to internalize this beautiful language with a wide culture and that also hardly time for it.
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and you can not miss the opportunity to get to know it and feel like a native.
Teaching Spanish brings me great satisfaction and allows me to meet different people, cultures, languages and customs from different parts of the world. Through online education is achieved quickly and effectively.

I am 100% sure that through some of my courses in Spaniswithleti I can help you to fulfill your goal.
Spanishwithleti is made from my idea of teaching my mother tongue, my vocation for teaching, my love for helping others and my goal to transmit my own experience in learning a foreign language. This was my motto when i started my classes two years ago. Was then when i thought about providing online classes considering that we are living in the century of new technologies.
I had a student who, , started to travel too much, due to work reasons, so that it meant he could not attend on a regular basis. That was when everything begins and i decided why not? why do not teach spanish classes online? I told my student that he could continue with the Spanish classes but it would be online, how happy he was to know that he could continue attending class despite being on the other side of the world, almost two years then this student continues to receive classes in Spanishwithleti.

Y…. I thought again !!! if with this student online classes work like a charm, why not offer them to the rest of my students? well I did and today I have a good number of students happy to receive my classes online at their best time and wherever they are.

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Yes, I am Leti de Mata Martinez, your Spanish teacher, but I am also a dynamic, motivating and very positive person, I have fun in my classes and I want you too as all of them are individualized, which means that they are designed to meet your goals and needs
I hope you have a great experience learning Spanish.
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