"Tell me and I forget it, teach me and I remember it,
involve me and I learn it."

An excellent teacher is the one who, teaching little, gives the student a great desire to learn.

I am Leti de Mata Martínez. I was born in León, a city located in the North of Spain. Until 2013 I lived in my village Valencia de Don Juan. I have been a Spanish teacher for more than a year, I obtained my degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language through the International University of La Rioja (Spain). I am also a Child Educator, First Class Teacher and Free Time Instructor. As you can see, all my education is about education. I love teaching, not only because I can teach others something I am passionate about, but they can teach me something with every new student I have, no matter how young that student might be. Four years ago I moved to Dublin, Ireland, a city I like because of the diversity of cultures that live in it. This opportunity made me think and reflect, `why do not I teach my mother tongue?` And so... I learned! And today I am able to teach what I love and am very happy. Teaching Spanish allows me to know different people, cultures, languages and customs from different parts of the world. Through online education, my classes are taught quickly and effectively. I am a dynamic, motivated and very positive person, I have fun in my classes and I want you to as well. All of my lessons are customised, which means that they are designed to meet the individual student's objectives and needs. Welcome to Spanish with Leti, I hope you have a great experience learning Spanish. If you want you can and I'll help you!

"Never consider study as an obligation,
but as an opportunity to enter the wonderful
world of knowledge"